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Keep your floors, walls and windows looking like new with our range of floor maintainers, floor polish strippers, floor polish, floor sealers, carpets shampoos and glass cleaners.


Buffable Detergent

Floor Maintainer is a floor maintenance detergent to clean and polish floors quickly and effectively. It is ideal for maintaining floors previously treated with any high quality metallised polish. Most effective when used with high speed machines, producing a deep gloss finish.

4 x 5 Litre = £65.20

Floor Maintainer


Self Shine Floor Polish

Our Floor Polish is a long life, self shining floor polish with a high solids content. It will give your floor a durable high gloss 'mirror-like' finish. It is safe to use on most types of hard flooring including wood, rubber, vinyl and linoleum etc.

4 x 5 Litre = £108.24

Floor Polish


Polish Remover

Floor Stripper is a heavy duty floor polish and wax remover. It removes the build up of most self-shining polishes or waxes.

4 x 5 Litre = £65.20

Floor Stripper


Can be Used On All Carpets

Carpet Shampoo is a concentrated spray cleaner for use with all types of carpet and upholstery machines, and can be used on all carpets. It is a low foam product, however, certain machines may require the use of a de-foamer. Always check dye fastness by testing an inconspicuous area with a small amount of diluted product.

4 x 5 Litre = £68.20

Carpet Shampoo


Window & Mirror Cleaner

Glass Clean is a mirror and window cleaner and polish for streak-free glass surfaces. Contains de-mister and anti-static to repel dust. Glass Clean is the fast, easy way to clean mirrors, windows, tiles, windscreens etc. Leaves no residue or smearing.

Please Note: All prices are exclusive of vat.

Glass Cleaner