Alcohol Hand Sanitizer


6 x 500ml Pump Dispenser
Fast Evaporating Gel
Delivery not included and will be invoiced separately.


Guard Against Swine Flu

Swine Flu is spread in the same way as other viruses – through sneezing, coughing and touching surfaces with unwashed hands.

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is THE ULTIMATE WAY to disinfect, prevent and protect against Germs, Viruses and Bacteria including:

  • MRSA


  • No Need To Rinse or Dry Hands After Application of Hand Gel
  • Unperfumed Leaves No Residual Scent
  • Easy To Use In Any Workplace
  • Suitable For Schools, Colleges, Offices, Care Homes And All Public Buildings

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer should be used by the food industry, hospitals, fire brigade police, ambulances, funeral parlours and anywhere cleanliness and germ killing is required.

Features Benefits
Dry Hand Sanitizer No Water or Towels Required.
Effective Powerful, Fast Germ Killing.
Economical Only A Small Spot On The Hand Required.
Finest Ingredients Gives you the latest up to date germ killing properties.
Non Irritant Can be used as often as required.
Non Sticky Gel Will dry off quickly, leaving no residues. Just protection.
Pump Dispensing Built in pump dispenser to avoid contamination of sanitizer.

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is a topical antimicrobial gel that provides fast, effective hand sanitising without water.

This Moisturised Hand Sanitizer evaporates instantly to leave hands soft and smooth, with no residual medicinal scent.

Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is perfect for topical antimicrobial use in all non surgical settings.

Wash Your Hands without water or towels, to avoid the spread of many diseases.

Delivery not included and will be invoiced separately.

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