Freeflow Automatic Dispenser


Mains or battery operated.
Wall bracket purchased separately.
Delivery not included and will be invoiced separately.


The Automatic Dispenser Will Save You Even More Time And Money

Freeflow should be introduced into your catering drainage system daily to avoid any build up of grease and fats that cause blockages and damage.

This can be achieved manually, or by installing our automatic timer and delivery system.


The Freeflow Pump Dispenser is easy to use and can be mains or battery powered.

This automatic systems saves time and hassle by feeding a small amount of Freeflow into your drainage system at the end of each working day to ensure problem free drains.

The system can be adjusted for different work schedules making this pump dispensing system extremely efficient and cost effective.

This handy and economical pump dispenser is easy to install and comes complete with everything you need and easy to follow instructions.

The The Freeflow Pump Dispenser is controlled by a real-time clock with up to 20 programmable events per day which can occur any day of the week.

The mains pump is installed to an existing power socket within 1 metre of the pump.

Other Features

Rated IP65 for indoor and outdoor use in tough industrial environments.
LCD digital interface with character display and backlight for ease-of-use.

Delivery not included and will be invoiced separately.

FreeFlow Drain Maintainer

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