Sphag Sorb


Available in bags or buckets.
Delivery not included and will be invoiced separately.

Sphag Sorb Industrial Absorbent is the most effective, non toxic, non abrasive oil absorbent anywhere in the world

This versatile oil absorbing product absorbs a wide range of chemicals and oil spills ON LAND AND WATER.

Sphag Sorb is a natural product manufactured from Canadian peat moss and is totally environmentally friendly.

Sphag Sorb Should be used to clean up oil based spills in factories, warehouses, workshops, garages, maintenance departments, garage forecourts, railway platforms, piers and ports etc.

Chemical Solutions are leading distributors of Sphag Sorb in Southern England.

Features Benefits
Efficient 10 Times more absorbent than clay.
East To Use Requires no high-tech application or equipment and leaves no messy residue behind after extraction.
Environmentally Friendly Sphag Sorb is a natural product, and non harmful to machinery and equipment.
Lightweight Easy handling and low transportation costs.
Economical By using Sphag Sorb only one product is required for multiple uses. It is economical, safe, easy to use and non toxic.

(minimum quantity of 5 units can be mixed across any size bags or buckets)

Delivery not included and will be invoiced separately.

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1 cu ft bag SS1, 2 cu ft bag SS2, 25 Litre Bucket

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