Chemical Solutions

  • Aerosol Products

    Aerosol Products

    Many of our maintenance products come in aerosol form including graffiti remover, food safe lubricant, brake cleaner, sticky label remover, circuit board cleaner, barrier cream, white grease, window & glass cleaner and line markers.
  • Catering Products

    Catering Products

    We have all the cleaning and maintenance products you need for the kitchen area. Our catering products include: chlorine tablets, grill & oven cleaner, kitchen area cleaners, and dishwasher detergents.
  • Floor & Housekeeping Products

    Floor & Housekeeping Products

    Keep your floors, walls and windows looking like new with our range of floor maintainers, floor polish strippers, floor polish, floor sealers, carpets shampoos and glass cleaners.
  • Laundry Products

    Laundry Products

    Our laundry products are suitable on both domestic and commercial washing machines. Choose from biological and non biological washing powders.
  • Maintenance Products

    Maintenance Products

    At Chemical Solutions we have a large range of quality maintenance products for just about every job including: industrial absorbers, drain clear, snowclear, hand cleaners, paint stripper, graffiti removal and other heavy duty cleaners.
  • Washroom Products

    Washroom Products

    If you need washroom products we offer a complete range which includes: liquid soap, phosphoric acid toilet cleaner, hydrochloric acid toilet cleaner, powerful disinfectants and bactericidal cleaners.