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Terms & Conditions


In these General Conditions of Trading (“General Conditions”), “the Company” shall mean CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS and the words “the buyer”, “the goods” and “delivery address” shall be interpreted according to the information below. “The goods” shall include packaging and where the context so admits any part of the goods agreed to be sold or supplied to the buyer.

The buyers’ order for the goods is accepted by the Company on and subject to these General Conditions, which shall prevail over and take effect in place of any terms and conditions of, referred to or adopted by the buyer. No variations of these General Conditions shall be effective against the Company unless in writing and signed by a Director of the Company. These General Conditions embody the entire understanding of the Company and the buyer relating to the order and over-ride and supersede all prior promises, representatives, understandings or implications relating thereto.

Delivery shall be effected when goods are handed over to the buyer or to a carrier for carriage to the buyer whichever shall first occur.

The buyer shall provide a person duly authorised by the buyer to acknowledge receipt of the goods. Any acknowledgement of receipt of the goods which is or purports to be given by or on behalf of the buyer shall be conclusive evidence as between the Company and the buyer that there was no shortage in the quantity of goods received by the buyer which would have been apparent from inspection of the goods at the time of receipt and the goods were at the time of such receipt in apparently good order and condition unless such acknowledgement specifically states that less than the correct quantity has been received or that the goods have been received in a damaged condition.

Any claim in respect of shortage of or damage to the goods must be made by the buyer in writing to the Company and if the goods have been delivered by a carrier also to the carrier within 2 days of delivery.

If for any reason whatsoever, the Company or any carrier shall be unable to hand over the goods to the buyer at the delivery address or in accordance with the buyer’s delivery instructions, any shortage, demurrage or additional freight insurance or other costs or expenses incurred by or on behalf of the Company shall be for the account of the buyer and will be invoiced to and shall be payable by the buyer at the same time as the invoice for the goods in respect of which they were incurred.

The risk of all loss, destruction damage or deterioration of the goods howsoever caused shall pass to the buyer immediately the goods are delivered to the buyer.

Unless otherwise stated overleaf, prices quoted are inclusive of freight to the delivery address but do not include VAT.

The Company’s published prices and rates are subject to alteration without notice.

Actual payment of the invoice price and any VAT, freight, insurance, storage, demurrage, interest or other costs payable hereunder shall be made without deduction or set-off within 30 days after the date of the Company’s invoice for the goods. The Company may charge interest on overdue accounts as a daily rate equivalent to 5% per annum over the Base Rate of Investec Bank from and including the due date for, down to but excluding the date of actual payment.

The Company may also charge for all costs of collecting overdue accounts.

All cheques must be cleared on or before the due date for payment.

The legal title to the goods shall not pass t the buyer until all sums due or owing on any account whatsoever by the buyer to the Company have been paid in full. Until such time, the buyer shall hold the goods as bailee or and in a fiduciary capacity of the Company and shall at any time on demand made by the Company.

The buyer shall not be entitled to return all or any of the goods without the Company’s prior consent.

The Company will modify or at its opinion, replace free of charge any of the goods found to be defective in ordinary use or service or found not to correspond in any material respect with any description of them in the order, on condition that: The Company is notified in writing of such defect or non-conformity immediately such defect or non-conformity became apparent and in any event within 3 months of receipt of such goods by the buyer
Such notice states: the material, job number, advice or invoice number and the buyer’s order number
Such goods are made available for collection by or on behalf of the Company safely and suitably packaged
Such examination discloses in the Company’s judgement, the defect or non-conformity complained of.
If the Company agrees that the buyer may return any goods otherwise than by the Company’s transport, all carriage and insurance costs shall be pre-paid by the buyer but will be reimbursed by the Company if the conditions of this guarantee are satisfied.

This guarantee does not extend to any of the goods which have not been stored in appropriate conditions and for a reasonable period in all the circumstances subjected to misuse, neglect or accident or which have been cut, printed, fabricated or processed by any third party.

The guarantee contained is in lieu of and shall replace all other representations or undertakings, express or implied by statute, common law or otherwise as to the state, quality, yield, performance or fitness of the goods for any particular purpose, or their correspondence with description or sample, all of which are hereby expressly excluded.

The total liability of the Company on any claim or demand including all costs and expenses in connection therewith whether in contract, tort including negligence or otherwise arising out of or connected with or resulting from the manufacture, sale, delivery, modification, replacement or use of the goods or the non-performance by the Company of any of its obligations hereunder shall not exceed the invoice price of the goods excluding VAT, freight, insurance, storage, demurrage and packaging.

In no circumstances shall the Company be liable to or to indemnify or make contributions to the buyer in respect of any special or consequential loss or damage including but not limited to loss of revenue or profit, tooling or manufacturing charges, claims by customers or third parties, or costs and expenses incurred in connection with substitute goods, howsoever such loss or damage may be caused.

The buyer represents and warrants to the Company that all information relevant to the specification of the goods and their use which is or may be relevant to their manufacture, packaging, storage or transportation by the Company is contained in the buyer’s order.

Pallets provided by the Company remain its property at all times.

Failure by the Company to observe any of the provisions hereof arising from causes beyond its reasonable control including strikes, lockouts, shortage of labour, fire, storm, flood, machinery breakdown, inability to obtain raw materials, equipment, fuel, power, components of transportation shall not be deemed breaches by it of these General Conditions so that the contract resulting from the order shall continue in force until the circumstances shall have ceased and performance becomes possible the Company shall continue to perform such contract and any necessary adjustment in the price for the goods shall be made by the Company.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us and we will only use the information provided by you for the processing and dispatching of your order in accordance with GDPR.

As part of our ongoing service we may contact you by email or telephone regarding your order. Should you wish us not to contact you after your order has been dispatched please contact us and request that your details are removed from our database.

We do not store any of your financial details on our system, and any other information provided by you will be held by us securely in accordance with legal requirements and for the fulfillment of our business contract with you. None of your details will ever be passed to a third party, and we do not add your details to any marketing lists.

Cookie Policy

Third party cookies are used for Google Analytics to see which pages and products on our site are the most popular, and for our PayPal buy buttons to make it easier for you to make a purchase. No personal information is stored, transferred, or otherwise processed by our cookies.

Refund Policy

Returned goods are only accepted for exchanges within 14 days of dispatch.

Returned goods must be unused and in a re-useable condition and will be subject to a handling fee not exceeding £15.00 per item.

For goods that have been correctly supplied an additional carriage charge at cost will be made if we are asked to collect the goods.

Damaged goods will be collected and replaced free of charge.


No cancellations are accepted once goods have been dispatched

Delivery Policy

All goods will be dispatched within 7 days of ordering and will be sent by 2 day courier.

For delivery updates please call 0845 9500 943

Should items be out of stock you will be offered cancellation of the order at no charge.


Whilst we make every effort to supply as much information as possible about all our products – both verbally and within the supplied data safety sheets – we can accept no responsibility for the lack of safe use, and/or the misuse of any of our products, or for the failure to read, and implement properly, the safety information provided within the data safety sheets.

If in doubt about the ingredients in, or the use of, any of our products please contact us before purchase and use and we will be glad to discuss any issues you may have.

VAT Number 211 9363 84

English Law applies to any contract made under their general conditions.