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Chemical Solutions Testimonials

Please read the comments from just a few of our many satisfied customers.

“We are now using your kitchen area cleaner and heavy duty cleaner at most of our commercial sites and our operatives speak very highly of the effectiveness of your products.

The ongoing helpful approach from your company is very welcome.”

Key Cleaning

“I have been purchasing various cleaning products from Chemical Solutions and have found the advice given on what is the best product has been excellent”


“Thank you for your prompt visit, your product knowledge is outstanding and the honesty and integrity you have is something I regard as very important with people whom I deal with.”

Notre Dame School

Snow Clear Reviews

We have received some fantastic feedback for our Snow Clear product:

“I bought a container of Snow Clear over a year ago and have waited all this time to try it out. Up until now we have used rock salt which it has to be said does melt snow and ice very quickly and is cheap to buy. But Snow Clear has hidden advantages that can save valuable time, and in the long run, money.It comes in a plastic tub that makes storage easy and clean. No open bags spilling on the floor. On the first day of snow I put down the Snow Clear and waited. It melted the snow as quickly as rock salt, but unlike rock salt it left no unsightly grit on the ground. But it was not until the following day when I went out to re-grit the paths that I realised the biggest benefit of Snow Clear. It was still working from the previous day preventing the paths from re-freezing overnight. In fact it lasted three days and would probably have continued to work had it not rained and washed it away. This product has saved me hours of re-gritting each day, which in a school is valuable time spent elsewhere. I would highly recommend Snow Clear to anyone who hates the daily chore of gritting paths during the winter months.”

Martyn Wilson, Caretaker of St. John’s Primary School, Surrey

“Just wanted to thank you for your help and great service which you have provided last year. Also need to mention how satisfied we are with your products and that’s mainly Snow Clear which we are using on the park. It has proved to be most efficient and money well spent product. It is great material to use on any surface and therefore the right one for the Stockley Park and its high demanding client and tenants. I am looking forward to continue in our good working relationship”.

Jan Vnucack, Hasmead PLC