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At Chemical Solutions we have a large range of quality maintenance products for just about every job including: industrial absorbers, drain clear, snowclear, hand cleaners, paint stripper, graffiti removal and other heavy duty cleaners.


Water Treatment

Biocide BW1 & BW2 is a general purpose biocide designed for the treatment of water in spray booths, cooling towers and CNC machines to maintain a bacterial free environment.

1 x 20 Litre = £78.00

Biocide BW1 & BW2


Fast acting Brake Cleaner for use in garages and automotive workshops for the thorough cleaning of all brake parts. Fast Drying formula.

Also available as aerosols.

4 x 5 Litre = £93.24

Brake Cleaner


Chassis Cleaner

Chassis & Engine Cleaner is a highly concentrated wash additive for cleaning and degreasing all hard surfaces on cars, vans, trucks and buses etc. Can also be used on plant and machinery in the engineering and offshore industries. It is ideal for chassis cleaning prior to MOT. Works efficiently with all makes of pressure wash, both hot and cold.

1 x 20 Litre = £65.80

Engine Cleaner


Grease and Odour Remover

Citrus Drainclens s a highly concentrated biodegradable chemical designed for odour and grease control in difficult areas where grease or bacteria are the source of odours and subsequently attracting flies and germs etc. Citrus Drainclens is sprayed, dripped or poured directly onto source of odour, prevents growth of algae and destroys slime and grease deposits. It will also inhibit the growth of sulphate, reducing bacteria and growth of fungi.

4 x 5 Litre = £188.20



Brick Cleaner

Descale is an inhibited hydrochloric acid brick cleaner for cleaning down new buildings and moss removal in older structures. Can also be used for concrete removal on plant and machinery such as mixers etc. It will remove excess cement, mortar and concrete from brickwork, tiles, mixers and vehicles.

4 x 5 Litre = £68.00



Acid Based Drain Cleaner

Drainclear is a sulphuric acid based drain block clearer that quickly dissolves all organic waste which causes blockages. Drainclear is recommended to clear blockages, but used on a regular basis will remove the fat build up which is the cause of most blocks. Drainclear works by liquefying the blockage so it easily flows through the drains.

12 x 1 Litre = £78.00



Re-Odourising Hard Surface Cleaner

Fresh Clean is an alkaline built detergent specially formulated for effective removal of oil, grease and soils from floors of factories, warehouses and garages etc.

4 x 5 Litre = £65.80

Fresh Clean Hard Surface Cleaner


Graffiti Remover

Graffiti Clean is a heavy duty thixotropic graffiti remover containing dichloromethane and methanol. It has been developed to remove graffiti from porous surfaces such as brick, cement, concrete, stone and rough-cast walls.

4 x 5 Litre = £153.80

Graffiti Cleaning Gel


For All Types Of Hard Surface

Heavy Duty Cleaner is specially formulated for removing even the heaviest deposits of grease and grime from all types of hard surfaces including floors, walls and machinery. It is safe to use on metals. It has been approved by the department of energy for use in the offshore industry and has an O.C.N.S category B certificate.

4 x 5 = £67.60

Heavy Duty Cleaner


Heavy Duty Industrial Hand Wipes suitable to remove grease, dirt, soot etc from hands. No water requited.

Packed in Tubs of 150, 4 tubs per case.

4 Tubs x 150 Wipes = £75.60

Industrial Hand Wipes


Odour Masking Agent

Odour Mask is a highly concentrated industrial odour masking agent with a floral bouquet and is used for controlling obnoxious odours an many areas. It is recommended for use at dilution ratios of up to 1:100 and in any case should always be diluted to at least 1:20.

4 x 5 Litre = £70.00

Odour Mask



Rapid Degreaser is a unique solvent based cleaner and degreaser designed for cleaning switches, contacts, motors, relays and P.C.B.'s etc. It will clean soiling quickly and efficiently leaving behind no oily residue. The unique solvent blend ensures a controlled evaporation rate to suit moving processes. A sophisticated product for today's modern technology. It is safe on electrical equipment and most plastics.

4 x 5 Litre = £96.20

Rapid Degreaser


Ice and Snow Melting Liquid

Pathclear is a fully formulated glycol based runway de-icer containing corrosion inhibitors and has many beneficial properties in comparison to other de-icing chemicals. Our most efficient de-icing product has many uses in addition to a runway de-icer.

1 x 20 Litre = £135.80



Deodorant Absorbent Powder

Powersorb is the instant solution to all liquid spillage. It will absorb vomit, blood, incontinence, food spills or just plain water, and can absorb over 400 times it's own volume. Deodorises and binds for quick and easy clean up, leaving a fresh deodorising scent.

1 Box x 10 Tubs = £92.4

Powersorb absorber


Biological Cleaner

Prozyme is a biological cleaner and re-odouriser which is a blend of harmless bacteria and surfactants which will digest organic soiling absorbed onto a surface or fabrics.

12 x 1 Litre = £84.64

Prozyme Biologocal Cleaner


Extra Strong Grit Hand Cleaner

Red Beaded Hand Cleaner is a high quality, heavy duty hand cleaning gel containing glycerine and lanolin for skin protection. Red Beaded Hand Cleaner contains polymer beads as an aid for cleaning ingrained soilage and grime. It is lightly perfumed, biodegradable, neutral in PH and readily emulsifies stubborn soiling from hands. It will remove oil, grease, tar, ink, adhesives and paint quickly and efficiently.

Also available with a neutral citrus base as Lemon Beaded Hand Cleaner.

4 x 5 Litre = £91.60 | 1 x 15 Litre = £64.20

Red Beaded Hand Cleaner


Windscreen Washer Additive

Screenwash is a highly concentrated screenwash additive for both summer and winter driving conditions. It is formulated from powerful solvents, surfactants, and anti-streaking compounds which will not harm paintwork in diluted form. Screenwash will keep working even in freezing winter conditions.

12 x 1 Litre = £46.58

Screenwash windscreen washer


Industrial Absorber

Sphag Sorb is the most effective, non-toxic, non-abrasive oil absorbent in the world. This versatile product absorbs a wide range of chemicals and oils on land and water. Sphag Sorb is a natural product manufactured from Canadian peat moss and is totally environmentally friendly.  More About  Sphag Sorb Oil Absorber

1 x 25 Litre = £41.83

Sphag Sorb


Ice and Snow Melting Compound

Snowclear is an exothermic or heat generating compound that melts ice, snow and sleet up to eight times faster than rock salt. Keeps melted ice ands snow from freezing. Snowclear actually generates heat to quickly clear paths drives, loading bays and parking bays etc. More Snowclear Information

1 x 20kg = £55.53

Snowclear Snow and Ice Remover


Mud & Silt Remover

Superfloc is a mud and silt remover for use in drains, gullies and channels. It reduces adhesion of sludge and mud accumulations and lubricating particles, thereby preventing settling and enabling material to flow completely away through the system.

4 x 5 Litre = £73.20

Superfloc Mud & Silt Remover


Traffic Film Remover

Super Truck Wash is a high performance traffic film remover and degreasing detergent which can be used on all exterior surfaces of lorries, vans and cars etc. Super Truck wash rapidly removes grease and grime from all surfaces including engines.

For best results use through a pressure washer.

1 x 20 Litre = £66.20

Super Truck Wash


Economy Traffic Film Remover

Truck Wash is a superior traffic film remover and degreasing detergent which can be used on all exterior surfaces of lorries, vans and cars etc. It rapidly removes grease and grime from all surfaces including engines.

For best results use through a pressure washer.

1 x 20 Litre = £62.20

Truck Wash


Entry Level Traffic Film Remover

Red Truck Wash is our most economical TFR, a blend of sodium hydroxide, sequestrant and surfacants developed for cleaning of trucks, lorries and heavy vehicles.

1 x 20 Litre = £37.60

Super Truck Wash


Car Wash With Polish

Wash N Wax is a blend of powerful cleaning agents that effectively remove dirt and traffic film from vehicles to leave a long lasting finish. It is the perfect product for hand, or brush machine washing of all types of vehicles. It can be diluted in hot or cold water and will penetrate quickly to remove grease, oil, petrol stains and traffic film. The deposited film of wax will protect and enhance the vehicle and no polishing is required.

4 x 5 Litre = £62.60

Wash n Wax Car Wax